The Ages of Forbidden Race

by Ice Atrium

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released October 25, 2012



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Ice Atrium Луганск, Ukraine

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Track Name: Decay
Crucified me,
life vision exactly one
entrance time as well ash isle , fascination possessed hell

Demon face until
timed to soul of pain
Blasted form a
fighting with a man remains
source of strength you feel
deadly touch to hellish icon
Wheel of darkness
destruct the heaven, and decay

entrance guide to the devil path
laceration to crashed - satan will control, humanity bloody soul, destroy it means the kill, and god will eat maggots

You will the ride the old carts with their god
When dies the last word comes an echo but not alone

blood, face, wipe, decline grace
war fire and ice to come
Track Name: Insolence of hate
Present your dreams
Motion release
Blasphemy graves
Sing the bright antichrist
Spelled by hate
Strength and demise
Sing and bright antichrist

Gather my reals
Faction of ills
Raid in my veins
Sing and bright antichrist
Blows for my words
Noise is the worms
Rest on the graves
Sing and bright antichrist

Rage, abyss call
Slaves – baphomet eyes
Rage – mystic gates
Slaves – baphomet call

spelled by hate, reading at flames
darkness by wrath, Satan is faith

when die you lose itself beholder than
when they grow fresh a seeds a mind eclipse
satan the teached hate, insolence
Here is a dormant wrath, baphomet call
Track Name: The ages of forbidden race
Life is worn, to ride the blind
The ages of black disease
When light is gone
Eternal circlet
Behind me
Until the violence

I am black essence of christ
Truly face of death
I am hated sacred path and godless my is all

Slaves of humanity
And her raison insanity
Slaves my the crucifix
A Reason insanity
Slaves my eternal tomb
Endurances by scored worm
Slaves my the ashes in grave
And raised forbidden face

Life is short my roar to darkness
the spell in despiced worm
When light is gone
Eternal circlet
Behind me
Until the violence
Track Name: Eternal bleeding of soul
Mystical wine of disease
Abhorrent feel
Disgraceful of night by side
Perversion humanity souls
Indeed the light
For bleeding and decay- destroyed
Behold my hate!

Watching my hate in the night
Feel my joy
When die the Christian soul
Feel my eyes and ears, forehead
Eternal bleeding of soul
Humanity soul!

Mystery wine of hate
Lovers of sins the worm
Which subjected flesh
Lifeless escape to roar
Enchant the glory path
Blow their ash remains
Into the abyss end
Wretched the human face
Track Name: The twilight and suffering
Shade icon seed in twilight before the mysterious voice cut through the trees
Was filled with a force (to) benighted demon forest and the ghosts
Lights and noise to destruct you, your path the devil as well (are) end
The day in a grace funeral until the satan master will be right
Come to the sweet tribunal and gather...

Force of vail that ice his been bloody arms confirmed at dark
Mortal sin of destruct the find a touch of evil human face
As the human remains between the rooted dried behind the bone
The day of twilight and blood eyes - the suffer

Suffer, light, disease
Wither souls consist by none
Ashes time to come
Satan storm cut the form
Track Name: Into the circle by dark servants
Into circle of humanity the years follow filth on face and soul divine
Misery of the gods, behold my servants, eyes destruct the pain of ill

Life at the storm
Angels die of anymore
Devilish forces - to the work
To angels die...

The first blades - you will die
Death - tomb - ash
Curse the day of knowledge god
Burn in eyes
Death - tomb - ash

Purify my mind, master, kill the blind by sign
Winter lives the grace to fight, fanatic christ to die...

Curse the day of knowledge god
Into the circlet by dark servants